We Found a Gadget That Cleans & Dries Your Makeup Brushes in Minutes

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We can not lie—cleaning makeup brushes is not our forte. Although we ought to wash them consistently, we’re fully guilty of getting also lazy at occasions due to the fact it can be such a time-consuming and tedious chore. Nonetheless, we identified an electric makeup brush cleaner that does not call for actually any time or work.

Luxe’s Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is the handiest small machine that washes (and dries!!) your brushes for you in mere minutes. You could effortlessly pop your faves in there correct just before beginning your makeup routine in the morning or at the finish of the day though you are unwinding. You could even do it though applying makeup to streamline each processes. 

The final issue you want is to maintain making use of your dirty brushes, which can potentially lead to skin irritation or breakouts. Cleaning your brushes is additional than a routine superior hygiene practice. It impacts the state of your skin and irrespective of whether it stays clear and healthier.

“I totally adore this machine, it is just also practical!” wrote a single shopper who gave the item a 5-star rating. “I will by no means wash my brush by hand once again due to the fact this machine requires all the things out, and it usually appears and feels like a brand new makeup brush!”

Not only does the tiny device wash your brushes, it also dries them swiftly. Waiting for brushes to dry can be such a turn off to cleaning them in the initial spot, but this electric brush cleaner does each in minutes. 

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Luxe Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Amazon

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Initial, let’s break down what’s integrated: You get a brush spinner, a brush cleaner dock, eight brush collars, a break-resistant cleaning bowl, a charger and a user guide all with a single obtain. 

Commence by pouring soap and water into the bowl. Then, slide your brush into the collar that fits very best and spinner head, drop it into the bowl and press it against the bottom of the bowl. Pick your preferred spinning speed and let the machine do it is issue. As soon as your brush is clean, maintain it spinning and lift it above the liquid in the bowl so it can dry.

It is that straightforward. Plus, the motor is created to be gentle on your brushes so that the bristles do not get wrecked though spinning in the machine. Just make positive you clean the bowl and lid consistently to keep away from item make up.

“It is super straightforward to use, cleans the brushes and dries them to perfection,” wrote one more reviewer. “I cleaned all my brushes in a matter of minutes and they will be prepared to use in no time. No additional excuses of not possessing adequate time to dry them just before I require them once again.”

For brushes that constantly appear brand new, along with no additional unexpected breakouts or rashes, take Luxe’s Electric Brush Cleaner for a spin. Superior skin for $28 sounds like such a steal to us.

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