Strangers Parfumerie Caffeine Honey Perfume Review
Strangers Parfumerie Caffeine Honey Perfume Overview

Strangers Parfumerie Caffeine Honey Eau de Parfum feels like ordering a coffee and adding lots of syrups and flavorings to it the opening a lot more like a blast of roasted coffee dripped into a cup, followed by a drizzle of light, golden honey and a pump of vanilla and a pump of almond syrups. The complete factor ended up as a caramel coffee with nuttiness, popcorn, and then like a single place a splash of cognac in at the final minute.

Just after two to 3 hours, it morphed into a thing substantially much less gourmand as steadily lost its coffee note as woody, golden amber came revving by means of and ultimately becoming muskier at the finish. The notes are listed as: roasted coffee, honey, tobacco, hay, cade, vanilla, ambroxan, patchouli, popcorn, musk, labdanum, cognac, amberwood, and almond.

The opening was wealthy with roasted coffee, promptly drizzled with golden honey and a pump of vanilla syrup. Minutes later, a speedy dash of almond syrup was added to that cup of coffee, and then there was totally an aroma of popcorn off to the side–almost like buttery, caramel-coated popcorn to me. It was a sweet, caramel coffee with nuttiness and lots of depth from the thick honey and cognac notes.

It took about ten minutes for the ultra-sweet, heavily sugared coffee to settle in and smooth out, which permitted the roasted coffee to come by means of with a lot more earthiness, though nevertheless getting sweetened with vanilla and honey, but they felt stretched and thinned out, now completely stirred and melted into the coffee. The booziness had largely receded, and the nuttiness was subtler.

Warm, woody caramel-amber (although a small sharp to my nose) enveloped the honeyed coffee and pulled the vanilla to the bottom, which decreased its a lot more heavily gourmand early stages. The scent became muskier more than time, which eroded most of the remaining coffee note, leaving Caffeine Honey a mix of soft woods, honey, and musk. It became a lot more amorphous and much less clearly defined as the hours went on without the need of shifting, but it lingered noticeably on my skin for a extended time just before weakening.


For testing, I utilised 1/three of a 1ml sample vial dabbed to the underside and topside of my wrist location on my left arm. I utilised an unscented moisturizer prior to applying the scent as this is also my swatching arm (aka, extremely parched at any offered moment) as I located scent did not hold properly right here otherwise. 


It had robust stillage, which was noticeable for the 1st 4 hours of put on. The projection was similarly robust and didn’t hover above my skin till the fifth hour. It remained hovering more than my skin and then as a skin-scent properly into the 12th hour. It would have undoubtedly lasted longer than that but I did finish up scrubbing it following that point.

Private Thoughts

I went searching for coffee scents blended with other notes I know I appreciate (like amber, patchouli, vanilla), and initially, I type of dug the caramel-coffee mixture, regardless of it getting quite sugary-sweet. It was how it smelled following two to 3 hours and by means of the remainder that remained on the a lot more abrasive side to the inside of my nose, which wasn’t so pleasant.

Accessible Sizes

  • 30ml for $80
  • .7ml sample for $five

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