Target Shoppers Agree: This $13 Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Serum Gives a ‘Nice, Dewy & Fresh-Faced’ Glow

If you really like the brightening effects of vitamin C serums, and cannot go additional than a handful of other folks without having applying hyaluronic acid, then do I have news for you. There’s a mixture skincare crucial that packs each and every of these skin-saving components into 1 bottle, and Target shoppers are seriously obsessed with it.

Lumene’s Valo Glow Enhance Essence Serum is almost everything dull and lifeless skin requirements: it is brightening, hydrating and energizing. It makes use of two various types of vitamin C—wild arctic cloudberry and bio-accessible vitamin C—to assure that your skin gets as significantly of the nutrient as feasible. If that duo does not impress, then the two sorts of hyaluronic acid integrated may well.

Far more than one hundred shoppers have offered the solution their truthful testimonials, and somehow it is been capable to retain a close to-great four.six-star rating. Shoppers credit it for assisting with almost everything from acne to age spots. The greatest aspect, although, is the serum’s reasonably priced $13 price tag tag. Oftentimes, vitamin C-wealthy goods expense additional than $50 a pop considering the fact that they’re so productive and in such demand. With this additional wallet-friendly solution, you will be capable to get 4 or 5 for that price.

A single reviewer stated the serum goods a “nice, dewy and fresh-faced” outcome, specially when paired with other skincare favorites.

I noticed a distinction actually the 1st time I applied it,” wrote 1 fan. “I applied it at evening following I completely cleansed my face, applied the essence then applied my normal moisturizer. By morning my skin currently looked plump and refreshed! Also, really like that it is not sticky and absorbs swift!”

Lumene Valo Glow Boost Essence Serum with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid

Courtesy of Lumene.

If you need to have a swift refresher on why vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are so fantastic for your skin, no worries. It is fairly uncomplicated to grasp.

Vitamin C is heralded for its capacity to guard skin from totally free radical harm whilst, at the very same time, it can enable even skin tone and enhance your collagen production. Essentially, it is an anti-aging hero that can enable with other skin issues like acne considering the fact that it has these protective qualities even in harsh environments. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is a plumping ingredient that assists your skin retain moisture and bounce. With it, skin feels additional moisturized and elastic.

With all that stated, a serum that puts that duo collectively is essentially almost everything you could possibly want in a skincare solution.

I had big breakouts with my 1st pregnancy and dark spots that wouldn’t go away for Something,” 1 shopper explained. “After about two months of employing this, they ultimately started to fade and my skin is searching so even-toned.”

It is uncommon to obtain a serum for such an reasonably priced price tag, superior but 1 with such stellar testimonials. So, we’re gonna get in touch with a spade a spade and say there really should be no hesitation in attempting this skincare goodie out—no matter your age or skin variety.

“I’m practically 50 and purchased this sample on a whim,” wrote 1 reviewer. “Within days I began finding compliments on how I looked “great,” and I currently had a strict skin-care regimen in location. The smell is a bit sturdy, but it fades and it is worth it. Seriously really like this stuff. Hydrating but not greasy and provides a subtle glow. I use it in the morning for all day moisture and glow.”

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