Infinity Tattoo Meanings

The infinity symbol, recognised in geometry as the lemniscate, is a mathematical sign that signifies the principle of infinity – anything boundless or infinite. Now, the infinity symbol is typically used to symbolize the never-ending cycle of existence and has solid ties to faith, spirituality, mythology, and substantially far more.

Even with its easy structure, the indicating of the infinity symbol is profound over and above perception. So a lot so that it has develop into a person of the most preferred tattoos of the 21st century. If you are intrigued in finding an infinity tattoo, you may perhaps want to locate out a lot more about this symbol and how you can customise it to replicate your intentions and beliefs. In this report, we’ll reveal the loaded historical past of the infinity symbol. We’ll also describe how the layout and placement of an infinity tattoo can alter its this means.

What Does the Infinity Symbol Symbolize?

Infinity tattoos are timeless, tasteful, and purposeful. They are widespread in practically every single society and can carry lots of distinct meanings. Finally, you are the one who gets to make your mind up what your infinity tattoo implies. However, this minimal symbol tends to symbolize the next.

Oneness, Peace, and Equilibrium

The infinity symbol has strong ties to the universal regulation of divine oneness. This law signifies the oneness we really feel when we settle for our location in the cycle of lifestyle. An infinity tattoo can remind us that we are all 1, no subject how distinct we may perhaps act, search, or really feel. In accordance to the regulation of divine oneness, all of humanity is a single with God, without end. And just like the infinity symbol, God’s vitality is believed to know no place or time.

When we think in the law of divine oneness, we find to obtain balance and harmony in just ourselves and the world close to us. The law indicates that our feelings and actions can lead to ripples of modify during the globe, teaching us to reap what we sow.

The law of divine oneness can also be traced back to yoga, an historical and non secular apply that is rooted in Indian philosophy. Yoga is a apply that aims to join and harmony the actual physical, mental, and spiritual parts of one’s self, and the infinity image mirrors these intentions.

Limitless Like

The infinity image can also stand for everlasting like, representing how limitless it is in the grand plan of factors. Just like the love that soulmates share, the infinity symbol is familiar with no conclusion or commencing.

Infinity tattoos have develop into a common way to express the undying enjoy concerning two folks. Having said that, this love does not have to have to be intimate, as the adore amongst mothers and fathers, siblings, and good friends can also be limitless.

Infinite Alternatives

An infinity tattoo can also symbolize the infinite prospects that the universe has to offer you. Those who select to give this that means to their tattoo may possibly have as soon as considered that they couldn’t accomplish their dreams, only to understand that everything is feasible.

Reincarnation and Rebirth

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism are religions that all have one thing in common: they believe in reincarnation. The popular religions of these Japanese cultures frequently look at the infinity image as a reflection of the reincarnation method. Those who imagine in reincarnation acknowledge that the soul by no means dies, picking to be reborn at the conclude of each lifetime cycle.

With this in mind, an infinity tattoo can provide as a reminder that we are all everlasting and without end sure by karmic faith. An infinity tattoo can also symbolize rebirth and the energy it can take to stop tumultuous cycles and start out once again from square one particular.

Infinite Knowledge, Luck, and Abundance

The infinity symbol resembles a horizontal amount eight. In numerology, the quantity 8 is a really spiritual and blessed variety that signifies infinite wisdom and physical abundance. An infinity tattoo might be picked out by a spiritual man or woman who has the amount 8 as a lifestyle route number. These who think about the variety 8 to be their lucky variety might also decide on this tattoo, as it can symbolize perpetual luck.

Circle of Lifestyle

ouroboros and infinity symbol drawing

Long right before the infinity symbol was common, the Ouroboros symbol reigned supreme. The Ouroboros is deemed to be the oldest image in alchemy, as it dates back to historical Egypt. The Ouroboros is depicted by a fifty percent white and 50 % black serpent ingesting its tail. It can also be represented by a dragon, though this is significantly a lot less frequent.

The Ouroboros symbolizes the circle of lifestyle, the unity of all things, and the soul’s dualistic nature. It can also convey the want to circulation back again into one’s self. Since each the Ouroboros and the infinity symbols have very similar meanings, people fascinated by Historical Egyptian culture and alchemy might pick to model their infinity tattoo following the Ouroboros.

Distinct Infinity Tattoo Meanings

Whilst some people today appreciate the simplicity of a stand-by yourself infinity tattoo, other individuals look for to embolden this symbol by including personal touches to it. You are going to uncover some of the most popular infinity tattoo mixtures and their meanings underneath.

Infinity Symbol and a Feather

Perhaps one of the most renowned tattoo combos is just one of an infinity image and a feather. Feathers are held in superior regard in a lot of Native American cultures since they symbolize trust, honor, knowledge, power, and energy. Given that feathers tend to tumble from the skies, numerous non secular communities feel that feathers can link them to their ancestors, spirit guides, and the all-encompassing Creator.

When you blend a feather and an infinity symbol into a solitary tattoo, you are confirming that your non secular religion is aware of no bounds. It could also signify your infinite link to the forces of the universe.

Each infinity symbols and feathers have religious meanings hooked up to them. However, you really do not need to have to be religious to resonate with this ink duo. If you’d like to get an infinity and feather tattoo, take into consideration learning the meanings attributed to diverse hen feathers to obtain a person that resonates with you.

Infinity Symbols and Terms or Shapes

If you’d like to dedicate your tattoo to a close friend, pet, relatives member, or liked 1, you can talk to your tattoo artist to add their name or initials to your infinity tattoo. By carrying out this, you are proclaiming that your enjoy for this person is everlasting and limitless. In many cases, men and women opt for to grace their infinity tattoo with the identify of a deceased liked a person, as this reminds them that the distinctive bond they share will reside on for good.

You can also select to beautify your infinity tattoo with a phrase or phrase that you resonate with, like love, peace, liberty, etcetera. Or, you can customize your infinity tattoo by including a condition to it, like a heart or a peace signal.

Infinity Image and a Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes femininity, magnificence, liberty, and transformation, whilst the mix of a butterfly and infinity tattoo represents the need to have to continuously revamp and make improvements to by yourself. This pairing can also indicate that you are a sovereign being who has always been and will generally be free of charge. However, due to the fact the butterfly does have a immediate hyperlink to elegance and femininity, a butterfly and infinity tattoo can be selected to pay back homage to a distinctive woman in your everyday living, be it your sister, best pal, mother, daughter, etc.

Infinity Symbol and Flowers

Just like the butterfly tattoo, a flower tattoo symbolizes femininity and elegance. On the other hand, a flower tattoo also represents really like, generation, and devotion. In common, flower tattoos go hand in hand with passionate interactions. This is due to the fact guys normally give their passionate pursuits bouquets through the courting stage. An infinity and flower tattoo combination can be a guarantee of everlasting appreciate and devotion in between partners.

There are 1000’s of flowering plant species, numerous of which have one of a kind connotations. So if you are considering of pairing up your infinity tattoo with a flower tattoo, you can decide on a flower that has a indicating that matches up with your intentions.

An Infinity Cross

A well-known tattoo among religious individuals is 1 of an infinity cross. An infinity cross tattoo is built up of two infinity symbols, positioned on major of each and every other to resemble a cross. This tattoo signifies God, the Eternal Remaining, and stands as a promise of one’s everlasting religion.

Interlocking Infinity Symbols (Double Infinity)

An interlocking infinity tattoo, or a double infinity tattoo, is symbolic of passionate relationships in which two extremely distinctive folks opt for to arrive alongside one another as 1. This romantic tattoo signifies the union of two souls, who agree to cherish and aid each and every other for the relaxation of their lives and outside of. While a butterfly, heart, and flower tattoo can symbolize quite a few distinctive forms of love, a double infinity tattoo tends to be reserved for lovers.

Infinity Image and an Animal

The sacred bond that individuals and animals share is tough to ignore. It is so sturdy that lots of persons make your mind up to tattoo their pet’s names, faces, and paw prints onto their bodies. Pet owners who appreciate their fur toddlers might even select to include them into their infinity tattoos, signaling that their bond will final eternally. Nevertheless, you really don’t have to have to own a pet to get an animal tattoo, as quite a few people today select to incorporate their spirit animals into their ink.

Infinity Tattoo Placement Meanings

Where by you select to get your infinity tattoo can have an impact on its over-all that means. But this shouldn’t end you from positioning it where by you see in shape. If you’d like to give your tattoo a deeper reason, you can always select to position it above the next system elements.


The infinity image can symbolize the infinite options that the universe retains. If the intent of your infinity tattoo is to remind you that your past does not justify your foreseeable future and that you can always commence anew, you may well take into consideration placing it more than your hand, wrist, or forearm. Ought to you decide on a person of these locations as the resting place for your infinity tattoo, it can provide as a reminder that your fate resides in your very own palms.

If you’d like your infinity tattoo to remind you to continue to be balanced, grounded, and humble, positioning it in excess of your ankle or foot is a terrific decision. This placement is well known amongst yoga lovers, as it is customary to observe yoga barefoot.

Marriage Finger

Quite a few new-age couples select to tattoo infinity symbols above their wedding day fingers to show their eternal appreciate and devotion to their associates. Generally, having said that, individuals who determine to tattoo their marriage ceremony fingers will decide for a double infinity symbol to more specific their love.

Getting an Infinity Tattoo

infinity symbol and feather tattoo on outer forearm

Despite the fact that infinity symbols are generally tied to spirituality, you really do not need to have to be religious to get a single. Just after all, the infinity image has solid ties to eternal appreciate and can only mirror the bond you share with a near mate, pet, relative, or intimate lover.

If you will need excess assistance crafting up the ideal infinity tattoo, you can always talk to a tattoo artist for their enter. A excellent tattoo artist will be equipped to style an infinity tattoo that embodies the intentions you have in thoughts. At the time you get inked, be guaranteed to choose fantastic care of your tattoo by keeping it moisturized so that it heals swiftly and wonderfully.

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