How to Get Volume in Curly Hair Using Clips

How to get volume in curly hair applying clips? If you have got curly hair, then you know how tough it can be to acquire volume. Here’s a step-by-step guide to rooting your hair with claw clips for added volume and style.

Properly, I’m rather certain that most folks like the appear of voluminous hair for the reason that of course it appears definitely fantastic!

I’m certain there are a lot of females out there who discover their hair standing dull, limp and seeking terribly lifeless and have almost certainly tested lots of diverse shampoos, conditioners and hair merchandise to aid get a superior all-natural bounce, to no avail.

Would you think me if I told you that you could add volume to your curls with just a basic approach? Sounds superior correct?

Properly, there is a approach referred to as ‘root clipping’ that is made use of to get volume and this short article is going to let you in on every thing you need to have to know about it!

So right here are the particulars!

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What does root clipping imply?

Root clipping is a approach that makes use of specific varieties of clips, which are placed at the roots of the hair lying at the crown of the head that aid make a specific quantity of volume to the hair.

These clips are pinned at the roots of the hair, closer to the scalp. This indicates that even though your hair will acquire volume and get a superior bounce, your hair texture and hair length will stay as it is with definitely zero harm, as this approach does not target the hair strands at all.

This curly hair hack is all it requires to reach that fantastic hair volume and a naturally bouncy appear!

How To Get Volume in Curly Hair Utilizing Clips

Step 1: Obtain the correct sort of clips

Bear in mind that when you make a decision to use this approach for escalating your hair volume, you need to have to begin off with selecting the correct clips for it.

Retain in thoughts your hair sort and texture ahead of shopping for the clips. Take for instance folks with finer and thinner hair varieties, with lesser volume – applying claw clips will not be the correct concept for the reason that they will not have a superior grip more than your hair and will have a tendency to fall more than.

But folks with thicker hair can use these claw clips, even though these with thinner and finer hair varieties can go in for smaller sized metal prong clips.

Step two: Dampen your hair

Now this is one more crucial factor to preserve in thoughts that your hair shouldn’t be soaking wet even though clipping the clips on. 

Make certain your hair is damp sufficient and perhaps you could also apply some styling foam to make the curls stand much more defined immediately after your hair dries.

Bear in mind not to use any creams or oils as these merchandise can make your hair stand heavy and flat and will not aid give your hair that voluminous lift when your hair dries up.

Step three: Ascertain the regions that call for lifting

Now what the concentrate must be on is the roots and root volume. As a result, you could either component your hair into sections or even do it with out parting your hair ahead of placing on the clips.

This is a individual decision, as it is the appear you want to reach when your hair dries up, so you can pin up the clips accordingly.

Appear out for regions exactly where you discover your hair standing flat and limp.

Step four: Commence to clip hair in sections

This step requires inserting the clips into your hair, but try to remember that the position you spot your clips in, is how your hair is going to appear after it dries up. So take your time and look at this step as an crucial 1.

Even though it could sound a small difficult, when you get into it, it is not really that tough. It will almost certainly take a couple of root clipping sessions to get the hang of this process.

Right here are a handful of points to try to remember even though having your clips in:

  • If you are applying clips that have metal prongs, try to remember to spot the clip vertically (upwards) and not lying flat more than the hair.
  • The clips have to be placed evenly on each sides (in case you make a decision to partition your hair in the middle).
  • If you are applying metal prong clips or tiny alligator hair clips, the mouth of the clip has to face the inside of your hair, towards the parting and towards the scalp.
  • The much more quantity of clips you spot, the much more quantity of layers you can get when your hair dries up, generating the hair appear much more voluminous.
  • You will call for to use each your hands, which indicates that when 1 hand gently lifts up the hair close to the root, even though the other hand will place the clip on.

Step five: Let your hair air dry  

When the clips have been placed, you will call for to leave them on till your hair is absolutely dry. 

Most folks select to let their get air dried even though their clips are in and this is of course the much more preferable way to dry your hair to get a superior all-natural bounce.

But in case you have someplace to be and are operating out of time, you could also just use a diffuser and dry your hair with the clips nonetheless on.

Step six: Get rid of the clips

Lastly, try to remember that you must take out the clips only when your hair has absolutely dried up and is not damp or just about dried as the approach will not reach its complete impact.

When you have removed all the clips, just run your fingers gently by way of your hair and give your hair a small shake, so that the curls/waves can fall much more defined.

Does root clipping advantage your hair?

Considering the fact that root clipping does not call for any heat or chemical remedy on the hair, it is secure to say that root clipping will certainly advantage your hair by adding volume, even though also producing no sort of hair harm.

It is also a basic, straightforward and successful technique to give your hair the lift it calls for to give it that hair volume as there is enough air that enters the hair even though it dries up naturally.

Immediately after this approach is made use of to get the hair bounce, this voluminous appear will final for a superior quantity of time let’s say at least till the hair’s subsequent wash. 

This is for the reason that the clips and set in a specific position at the roots even though the hair is wet, which indicates the hair cuticles are open, and then are left to dry up naturally.

So when the hair dries, the hair will set in that position as the hair cuticles will then close. This indicates that the hair will stay bouncy till the subsequent hair wash.

Verify out some much more curly hair hacks in this video

What sorts of clips can you use for this approach?

Generally the sort of clips you use depends on the sort of hair you have. The typical varieties of clips made use of are metal clips like double prong clips, hair sectioning clips, steel catch clips, tiny alligator hair clips and so on.

Yet another sort of clip made use of is the plastic sort like these hair clips with claws, tiny salon hair clips and so on.

The metal clips are generally made use of by folks with finer and thinner hair varieties as they are much more gentle on the hair and on its grip. This is preferred for the reason that it will not hurt or harm the wet roots of the hair even though it is clipped on.

The plastic clips are generally made use of by folks with thicker, much more coarse and dense hair varieties, as they will aid deliver a improved grip on the hair and are much more sturdy in order to hold the hair collectively.

It is also crucial to note that the size of the clips made use of can also differ based on your hair sort and hair density.

Often Asked Inquiries (FAQs) about root clipping:

1. Can root clipping be performed on all hair varieties?

Yes, root clipping can most certainly be performed on all hair varieties but the distinction in volume is much more noticeable when root clipping is performed on hair varieties that are much more wavy or curly by nature. It will make the curls appear much more defined and bouncy, than generating it stand limp and lifeless.
The explanation why straighter hair varieties do not get the height and voluminous appear they wish is for the reason that their hair sort does not have the essential texture and curls/waves to permit the bounce to type.

two. Can root clipping be performed on a every day basis?

Root clipping, even though a secure selection to raise hair volume, is not advisable to be performed on a every day basis. The explanation becoming that due to the fact the clips are placed close to the roots, particularly when the hair is wet or damp and with the usage of specific hair care merchandise, it could trigger harm to the hair roots as the hair roots will be tugged on by the clips. As a result, applying this approach only when essential, is advisable.

three. Is root perming the identical as root clipping?

Properly, they are not the identical. Root perming makes use of a chemical resolution in order to give the hair the preferred shape. It could sound equivalent to root clipping, for the reason that root perms also concentrate on the hair close to the scalp but root perms final for about 5 to six months after permed
Root clipping does not use any chemical compounds or heat remedy and lasts only till the subsequent hair wash. As a result, we can conclude that root clipping is a significantly simpler and safer option to hair and root perming in order to raise hair volume and all-natural hair bounce.

The final takeaway

If you have been a person struggling to get the fantastic hair volume, then you can certainly attempt out this root clipping approach. 

It is basic, straightforward and will not trigger significantly harm to your hair (offered you do not do it on a every day basis) like other merchandise or heat treatment options would do to your hair.

So go ahead ladies and give this approach a attempt!

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