How Do You Know Your Hair Type: Simple Guide

How Do You Know Your Hair Style: Uncomplicated Manual


Hair Porosity #haircare #thinhair

The idea of porosity may perhaps be new to you, but it is an critical one particular. The reality is that the variety of pores in the hair cuticle defines how properly it absorbs h2o along with other hair products and solutions. There is substantial, standard, and lower porosity, and there is also a uncomplicated test to identify yours. All you need to do is to submerge a hair strand into the drinking water.

Hight porosity

If your hair strand sinks ideal away, that suggests that the porosity is superior. This also implies that your hair is hugely vulnerable to harm. That reality that your hair can absorb everything indicates that alongside with nutritional vitamins and water, it also absorbs chemical substances. One more uncomplicated way to ascertain large porosity is to think about how prolonged it can take you to dry your hair out. Hair with high porosity dries pretty rapid.

Standard Porosity

If your hair strand does not sink nor stays on the surface, then your porosity is typical, and your hair is effectively-well balanced.

Reduced Porosity

When the strand remains floating on the floor, it signifies very low porosity. The nominal quantity of pores in the hair cuticle does not permit it to take in water and all the hair care solutions. It can take several hours to have it dry, and also it can take a lot of drinking water to have it drenched.

Hair Greasiness

Hair Greasiness #blondehair #glossyhair

There is barely a girl who enjoys that negative working day hair appear when you do not have time to wash your locks, and they seem and come to feel really greasy. The truth of the matter is that it is not the hair texture that determines the greasiness of your hair but the oiliness of your scalp. Also, it should be mentioned that the stage of greasiness defines the amount of situations that you really should wash your hair weekly. So, what is the way to locate out your greasiness stage? It is very uncomplicated, in fact:


  • Wash your hair just before heading to mattress.
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  • Let it air dry.
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  • Do a greasiness patch in the early morning.
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  • Use a tissue more than the areas driving your ears.
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  • If, after urgent the tissue to the scalp, there is a greasy stain on it, you have oily hair, and you require to clean it at the very least 4 periods a week.
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  • When there is nothing at all still left on the tissue, then you have dry hair, and you must think about some more hydration.
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  • There is also mixture hair. This means that your scalp is oily only in some certain locations. Normally, these are the temples and guiding the ears.
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