dandruff vs. dry scalp

In this post I’ve listed out variations betweeen dandruff vs. dry scalp. You can also locate what causes dandruff and dry scalp and how treat these difficulties.

If you have either 1 of these scalp circumstances, I’m positive it is going to be really hard for you to figure out which 1 you have, mainly because their indicators and symptoms like itchiness, white flakes, dryness and so forth, are extremely equivalent. 

This is what will make it tougher to make the distinction.

So, it is extremely critical to know and be in a position to distinguish what scalp problem you are suffering from, in order to get the appropriate course of therapy.

Nicely, if you are an individual who has either 1 or each these complications and are obtaining it really hard to distinguish which 1 do you have, then verify out this post to locate out extra facts.

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Dandruff Vs. Dry Scalp

What is dandruff

We generally notice even though flakes on the scalp and hair. There are occasions when persons endure from intense circumstances of dandruff and will locate the flakes falling more than their shoulders. 

Though it could look embarrassing and persons could assume it is mainly because of lack of hygiene, it is not normally the case.

Dandruff flakes are the dead skin flakes that have been shed off the scalp, which is essentially a typical approach which has just got accelerated due to a variety of circumstances.

When a individual has dandruff, there will be the look of flakes, that can lead to itchiness more than time, in undesirable circumstances.

Causes of dandruff


Fungal infections referred to as by the fungus Malassezia, can be 1 of the key causes of dandruff. How this fungus causes the dandruff is mainly because this Malassezia fungus is currently current on our scalps. 

So, if there is an external trigger due to a variety of things like hormonal difficulties, healthcare circumstances, stressful events, aging and so forth, then it triggers this fungus to overproduce at a more quickly pace.

This in turn multiplies the skin cells in no time, causing a dandruff breakout.

what causes dandruff

Scalp Buildup

Though lack of hygiene is not normally the case of dandruff breakouts, mainly because there are occasions when the hair and scalp is not sufficiently or effectively cleansed. 

We generally use hair merchandise that mix with the hair’s organic oil, dirt and grime more than time. So, this causes a buildup on the scalp that can lead to dandruff formation.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a situation exactly where the scalp skin develops scale like flakes, becomes sore and it can also lead to dandruff formation. 

This situation is generally triggered when the sebaceous glands in the scalp more than make sebum. 

Though it is treatable, there are probabilities of it reoccurring more than time. Cold climates, pressure and household history of skin circumstances also can bring about seborrheic dermatitis and lead to the developement of dandruff.

What is dry scalp

In contrast to dandruff, a dry scalp is not triggered due to any fungal development, buildup or due to any healthcare situation.

Dry scalp is just a outcome of the lack of hydration on the scalp and hair. When the scalp is not sufficiently moisturized, it becomes dry. It is that very simple!

Dry scalp generally causes the look of flakes on the scalp that itch from time to time and the region could grow to be sore and red.

Causes of dry scalp

Climate circumstances

Most generally, persons who reside in cold climates generally locate themselves facing the problem of dry scalp. When the temperature outdoors is low, the air is also dry, this impacts the scalp and tends to make it dry.

But that getting stated, on the flip side, if your scalp is overexposed to intense heat or the ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun, it can also bring about dry scalp by stripping all the moisture away from the scalp. 

This also happens in case of making use of heat on your scalp and hair generally, generating it dry out.

what causes dry scalp

Overwashing of hair

Nicely, even though excess solution buildup, oil, dirt and grime can bring about buildup on the scalp major to dandruff, mainly because your hair is not effectively cleansed even overwashing your hair can do you no improved.

Your hair has to be washed moderately, mainly because overwashing of hair can strip the scalp of its organic oil and also what ever moisturizing merchandise you use and make the scalp grow to be dry. 

So, it is critical to strike a balance (or rather, the appropriate balance), when it comes to hair washing.

Dandruff and Dry Scalp: Variations

Dandruff and dry scalp are two scalp circumstances that are extremely generally confused mainly because of their indicators and symptoms. 

But to simplify it, you can think about the look of the flakes in each these scalp circumstances. 

Though dandruff flakes are bigger, seem oilier and have a yellowish colour, dry scalp flakes are smaller sized and whiter in colour. 

Dandruff is a outcome of excess oil (moisture) on the scalp, even though lack of moisture on the scalp causes it to grow to be dry.

Verify out this table to distinguish the two circumstances improved and extra simply.

  Dandruff  Dry Scalp
Look Flakes are bigger in size and appear oily in look Flakes are smaller sized in size
Colour of the flakes Flakes have a yellowish tinge  Flakes are white in colour
Moisture content material in the hair Brought on due to excess oil (moisture) on the scalp and hair Brought on due to lack of hydration on the scalp and hair

Approaches to treat dandruff

Use the appropriate form of shampoo

There are lots of industrial shampoos out there in the shops that are meant particularly to enable treat dandruff. So, making use of these anti-dandruff shampoos to wash your scalp and hair is very suggested.

In case you have a extreme case of dandruff or dandruff due to seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infections, then it is critical to seek healthcare therapy and use a medicated shampoo to wash your hair.

dandruff treatment at home

Attempt making use of organic or household treatments

There are lots of organic treatments and also household treatments you can use to enable treat dandruff if it is a mild case. Right here are some of them:

·     Make positive to consume a lot of probiotics and include fantastic bacteria that can enable rev up the functioning of the immune program to treat dandruff from inside.

·     Consuming fish oil capsules (omega-3s) can enable minimize dandruff-triggered inflammation on the skin and minimize the itching to a huge extent.

·    Use a baking soda scalp scrub that can enable naturally exfoliate the scalp and get rid of the dead skin cells that have shed.

·     Attempt making use of an apple cider vinegar scalp and hair rinse to enable avoid the spread and formation of fungus.

Make positive to wash your scalp effectively

It is critical to keep fantastic scalp and hair wellness to avoid dandruff. So make positive to gently massage in the shampoo, making use of circular motions so it can also loosen up the scalp buildup and cleanse the scalp. 

Also keep in mind not to more than wash your scalp and hair.

Approaches to treat dry scalp

Use the appropriate form of hair merchandise

It is normally critical to keep in mind that most hair merchandise include harsh chemical compounds, like sulfates and parabens in shampoos, phthalates, formaldehyde and so forth, that can be exceptionally drying to the scalp and hair. 

Applying these types of hair merchandise, specifically when you endure from dry scalp, can only make it get additional aggravated.

So, making use of merchandise that are chemical cost-free, or all-organic, are the ones that are suggested.

Retain your scalp moisturized

Given that the lack of moisture is 1 of the key causes of dry scalp difficulties, it is critical to retain your hair nicely-moisturized in order to regain scalp and hair moisture. 

So, make positive to normally situation your hair soon after it has been shampooed, deep situation your scalp, use scalp and hair masks from time to time and oil your scalp and hair on a common basis (at least after just about every week).

Stay clear of overwashing your scalp and hair

Given that overwashing your scalp and hair can strip away all its organic oils and also zap away the current moisture, keep in mind to wash your hair moderately and not also generally. 

When shampooing, shampoo only your scalp and when conditioning, make positive to situation only your hair.

Often Asked Concerns (FAQs) about dandruff and dry scalp:

1. Can dandruff lead to hair loss?

Nicely, dandruff is not recognized to be straight connected to hair loss. But due to intense circumstances of dandruff, persons can finish up itching their scalp and it can bring about hair breakage major to hair fall.

two. Can dry scalp lead to dandruff formation?

When persons have dry scalp, they have a tendency to more than-moisturize their scalp and hair pondering it will enable it get hydrated and moisturized. But when there is excess moisture/oil in the hair, it can lead to dandruff formation more than time. So do not more than-hydrate your scalp and hair.

three. Is it feasible to have each dry scalp and dandruff at the similar time?

Yes, it is feasible. This could be mainly because you could have dry scalp due to lack of scalp moisture, even though the dandruff could have been triggered due to other things like healthcare circumstances, fungal infections or excessive solution buildup, generating it seem at the similar time.

The final takeaway

It can seriously be really hard to distinguish irrespective of whether you endure from dandruff, dry scalp or perhaps even each these circumstances at 1 time. 

So, it is critical to observe the flakes on your scalp, even though also thinking of what could have been the bring about major to these scalp circumstances.

Generally keep in mind that if you are not in a position to make the distinction and there is extreme itching and redness, it is improved to seek advice from a healthcare skilled and get the appropriate course of therapy.

This is specifically applicable if you have attempted and located that none of your household remedy techniques are functioning even soon after a couple of weeks.

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