Can You Perm Henna Hair? A Colorist Explains

A mane total of beautiful waves or curls is what numerous females with very little to no natural hair texture extensive for. If you really do not have it, you possibly opt for applying hair items like mousse or curl product to accentuate what very little texture there is, you use a curling iron and a lot of hairsprays, or you get a perm.

That is excellent, but what if you presently have henna on your hair? Is the course of action for having perm or texture distinctive if your hair is dyed with henna?

Girls whose mane has been colored with conventional hair dye really do not require to feel 2 times about how they increase texture, but it is a various tale if your hair has been coloured with henna hair dye.


Can You Perm Henna Hair?

Sure, you can technically perm henna hair, but it’s not proposed. In its place, it’s a greater concept 1st to perm your hair, wait a couple months, then coloration it with henna.

On the other hand, if you are determined to perm your henna-dyed hair, there are some issues you should know 1st.


What Can Materialize If You Perm Henna Hair?

Pale Hair Colour

Consequences of Perming Henna Dyed Hair - Faded Hair Color

A lot of of us by now know that henna hair dye is powerful and hard to take away. But a perm is one particular chemical system that will for certain fade it.


Your Perm Will not Be as Successful

Consequences of Perming Henna Dyed Hair - Getting No Perm or Bad Perm

Due to the fact your hair is by now coated in henna dye, it will be additional challenging for a perm to penetrate your hair follicles. All hair is distinct, so results will range, but the general consensus is that a perm above henna hair can either lead to a undesirable perm or no perm at all.

If you do get weak results, this can lead to an hideous cycle of making use of a lot more perm solutions, observing far more faded hair color, and even more detrimental your hair.


Things to Consider Ahead of Perming After Henna


Things to Consider Before Perming After Henna - Damage

Coloring and chemical processing damages your hair each time you do it. The henna powder consists of chemicals that make the dye adhere to your hair follicles, whilst perming also chemically improvements the composition of your hair.

Some stylists insist there are techniques to perm hair in a ‘healthy’ way, but the truth is your hair will be altered, even if it just gets to be dry and frizzy.



Must you come to a decision to take the gamble and get a perm above your henna-dyed hair, feel about how significantly revenue you are spending. The common charge of a perm looks to be about $80, increasing the for a longer time your hair is.

If the perm doesn’t acquire or yields lame results, will you be mad you invested the income for it?

On top of that, not only will you have squandered dollars on a bad perm career, but now you have to commit the income to get your hair wholesome yet again.

The total system is expensive, so until you have income to melt away and do not treatment if you soften the hair off your scalp, it’s not well worth the gamble.


Henna Style

If you’ve already coloured your hair with henna, attempt to obtain out if it was 100% normal henna. If you haven’t but experienced it dealt with, do not use very low-excellent henna, these kinds of as versions with metallic salts. This is the primary ingredient that negatively interacts with a perm’s chemicals.

With pure henna, the odds are reduced that a perm will wreak absolute havoc on your hair.


Other Choices

Things to Consider Before Perming After Henna - Alternatives

Due to the fact the motive you’re obtaining a perm is for the texture, consider the other strategies you might accomplish that. Hair extensions can be obtained as waves or curls and put in in your hair for the very same effect. They’re also significantly less harmful to the hair than a perm is.


The base line is it is important to realize the opportunity adverse consequences of perming henna hair. Even though it is achievable to perm it soon after henna, practically each and every stylist will tell you they do not suggest it.

If you genuinely want a perm but have currently added henna to your hair, we propose getting rid of it to start with. The system of getting rid of henna from the hair isn’t quick and based on what type of henna you use, your only option for removing it may perhaps be to allow it fade on its have though developing your hair out.

Really don’t stress, all hope isn’t lost for giving your hair texture! As we talked about, you can however get waves and curls in your hair with out a perm just by making use of extensions.

So contemplate your budget as you glimpse at the diverse extensions readily available, then go for it! You will discover getting synthetic texture is greater than harmful your stunning henna locks for a perm.

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